Keeping tabs on luxury travel trends and resort openings just got easier with the launch of Luxury Travel Mavens—a new online magazine devoted to the very best hotels, cruise ships, yacht and jet charters, villa rentals, and private islands. The magazine is curated by five leading lifestyle experts who write regularly for magazines like Robb Report and American Way, websites such as Conde Nast Traveler and Fodor’s, and newspapers of the caliber of the Los Angeles Times and Dallas Morning News.

New York, NY—August 22, 2012: Five leading authorities on luxury vacations launched Luxury Travel Mavens today. This online magazine, written for the inquisitive traveler, is devoted to provocative stories that focus on compelling destinations around the globe. The website also features reviews of luxury hotels and resorts, cruise ships, yacht charters, villa rentals, airlines and jet charters, and private islands as well as advice about every type of vacation, from honeymoons to family getaways to safaris to suborbital space flights.

Andrea M. Rotondo, magazine founder and editorial director, talked about why she drafted this team of experts to curate the most useful luxury lifestyle information for readers. “Kate Parham, McLean Robbins, Lisa TE Sonne, and Laurie Flannery are award-winning writers and, more importantly, they are passionate travelers,” noted Rotondo. “Each bring a unique perspective and area of expertise to Luxury Travel Mavens. They spend each and every day field-testing and writing about the most luxurious hotels, resorts, yachts, cruise ships, and private islands and will tell you which destinations should be on your travel agenda.”

The Luxury Travel Mavens are…

Andrea M. Rotondo—Andrea M. Rotondo is a cruise news correspondent for and writes about bespoke travel experiences for magazines, travel guidebooks, and websites. She’s a regular contributor to Cruise Critic and Cruise & Travel Lifestyles. The breadth of her expertise includes exotic island getaways, luxury cruises, African safaris, destination weddings and honeymoons, and leveraging frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty points. Her gypsy-footed nature has taken her around the world and her passport includes stamps from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Turkey, and South Africa. Follow Andrea on Twitter: @LuxTravelMavens

Kate Parham—Based in a Washington D.C., Kate Parham is a freelance lifestyle writer specializing in luxury, culinary, and adventure travel. You’ve read her work in dozens of magazines and newspapers, like USA Today, Robb Report, ISLANDS, American Way, Fodor’s, Dallas Morning News, the Baltimore Sun, and many more. She’s always on the lookout for food and travel trends, new openings and offerings, and exclusive stories. Follow Kate on Twitter: @KateParham

McLean Robbins—McLean Robbins is a Washington, D.C.-based luxury lifestyle writer specializing in travel, spas, and weddings. She writes regularly for AOL Media Group’s Gadling, Forbes Travel Guide, The Washingtonian, Robb Report, GalTime, VenueSafari, and many more. She’s always looking for unique roundups, trend stories, and information on hotel and resort openings and developments worldwide. Follow McLean on Twitter: @DeaconDoesDC

Laurie Flannery—Laurie Flannery spent several years as a recording engineer at the world famous Gateway Mastering in Maine, home to scores of Grammy-winning artists, until she took a few years off to raise three children. Today her focus is writing about travel and family. She loves arming parents with the information they need to plan family-friendly getaways. She’s also an expert when it comes to the New England area, including Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. She’s the author of the wildly popular trivia book, Walt Disney World: Little-Known Facts about Well-Known Places. Follow Laurie on Twitter: @LaurieFlannery

Lisa TE Sonne—Experiential travel maven Lisa Sonne has journeyed in all seven continents and many seas, chronicling the wonders of nature and culture. She is an award-winning travel writer, photographer, author, producer, director, and videographer who loves sharing the extraordinary and exceptional. Lisa’s written for the Los Angeles Times, AAA magazines, LIFE, National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, and top Internet sites. She is based in Los Angeles, ready to continue covering the best in travel experiences in the air, sea, and land including space and underwater ventures. Follow Lisa on Twitter: @ExploreTraveler

“Have you ever dreamed of enjoying an extended stay in a Paris penthouse suite, exploring Antarctica, or trekking through the rain forest of Borneo in search of orangutans?” Rotondo asked. “The Luxury Travel Mavens have done all those things. We’re on the road all year long in search of uncommon experiences. We visit the best luxury resorts around the world on a regular basis and can tell you which live up to the hype and which are resting on their laurels.”

The Luxury Travel Mavens are available for interviews with the press. Each expert can offer thoughtful commentary about luxury travel trends, food and wine adventures, cruises, island getaways, family travel, exotic destinations, first class air travel, African safaris, leveraging frequent flyer miles and hotel points, and so much more.

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