In Isafjordur, Iceland, our local walking tour guide, Lizbet, is full of good humor, and good information.

Lisbet has five children, runs a construction company, studied theology and helps with local church services, helps with the town art project to replace graffiti with murals, and after our tour, was going to contribute her research at an international conference to discuss how to end multicultural domestic violence.21752068_10213662794274798_2659682898999467356_n

She is part of a colorful story of a traditional fishing village transformed, thanks in large part to the Icelandic government sponsoring education for people of all ages — and both genders!

“I can’t believe we are so lucky to have a local guide,” intoned one of my fellow Poseidon Expedition passengers. She had just told us about her 89-year-old grandfather that went from being a fisherman to an inventor working for NASA. (When he is cutting local lads hair, he lives above the shop.) She also pointed out where the first woman minister lives and where a local midwife was so good that, for decades, people came from other countries to this fjord.

More to tell and show (it’s picturesque) but they pulled up anchor and I don’t know when we will have internet again so here goes. If you read this, I was lucky – on the tour and after!  More to come when I can!

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  1. Wow! Your guide sounds amazing!!!

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